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P90X !


New at SANTER FITNESS, this well-know Fitness system is designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Created by trainer Tony Horton, the program includes 12 intense workouts that use resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga, along with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar.





Boujé means “to move”, in Creole. Roby Desir created this fitness program with two things in mind: Results and Fun! This high intensity, international fitness program incorporates various styles of body movements such as cardio, kickboxing, tai-chi, yoga, dance, abs and strength training, set to an assortment of music. Boujé’s playlist is comprised of music from all over the world.

Boujé is designed to burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour by dividing the class into 4 sessions. Each session is roughly 15 minutes long, ending with 45 seconds of high intensity movement. Bouje was created from love of dance and fitness that started young. Roby is versed in ballet, international ballroom, modern, jazz, Zouk (Haitian dance), hip hop, reggae, dancehall and krumping. He became a certified Zumba Instructor with classes maxing out at 90 people, as well as, a Hip Hop Instructor for kids ages 5-13. So, let’s move! BOUJE!

HIIT with Roby

This is a full body workout that involves cardio to increase the heart rate, and resistance training to sculpt the arms, butt, and core. High Intensity Interval Training combined with weights. Plyometrics, core, cardiovascular movements, bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. Strength-building, toning and balance exercises with moderate cardio movements.  Tools include dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands, bosus and much more. Format is great for beginners, people with injuries, or those starting back after a hiatus.

It is a workout to start your day out right and have you leave class feeling great!